Center Hole

All roto-molded fenders are manufactured from the best quality marine grade vinyl resulting in superior strength, cushioning and a high gloss finish. Dolphin fenders have been tested for many years in various marine environments worldwide. Dolphin fenders resist deterioration from mildew, gas, oil, seawater and bacteria and have built in ultraviolet inhibitors. All fenders include an inflation valve to allow for adjustment for the desired level of firmness.

Each center hole fender is equipped with central tubing to allow end-to-end line passage. Unique ribbed construction gives strength to the fender, minimizes rolling and offers maximum protection. Available in 4 sizes and various colours.

Each fender is warranted for the life of the boat.
Part No. Description Unit Weight
Dimensions (in)
51-151-F Boat Fender, Ribbed, 6"x15", White Ea 2.7 15.5x6.25x6.25 776113511510
51-152-F Boat Fender, Ribbed, 6"x15", Royal Blue Ea 2.7 15.5x6.25x6.25 776113511527
51-156-F Boat Fender, Ribbed, 6"x15", Black Ea 2.7 15.5x6.25x6.25 776113511565
51-157-F Boat Fender, Ribbed, 6"x15", Burgundy Ea 2.7 15.5x6.25x6.25 776113511572
51-158-F Boat Fender, Ribbed, 6"x15", Green Ea 2.7 15.5x6.25x6.25 776113511589
51-159-F Boat Fender, Ribbed, 6"x15", Navy Blue Ea 2.7 15.5x6.25x6.25 776113511596
51-201-F Boat Fender, Ribbed, 8"x20", White Ea 4.7 21x8x8 776113512012
51-202-F Boat Fender, Ribbed, 8"x20", Royal Blue Ea 4.7 21x8x8 776113512029
51-206-F Boat Fender, Ribbed, 8"x20", Black Ea 4.7 21x8x8 776113512067
51-207-F Boat Fender, Ribbed, 8"x20", Burgundy Ea 4.7 21x8x8 776113512074
51-208-F Boat Fender, Ribbed, 8"x20", Green Ea 4.7 21x8x8 776113512081
51-209-F Boat Fender, Ribbed, 8"x20", Navy Blue Ea 4.7 21x8x8 776113512098
51-251-F Boat Fender, Ribbed, 10"x25", White Ea 8.0 26x10x10 776113512517
51-252-F Boat Fender, Ribbed, 10"x25", Royal Blue Ea 8.0 26x10x10 776113512524
51-256-F Boat Fender, Ribbed, 10"x25", Black Ea 8.0 26x10x10 776113512562
51-257-F Boat Fender, Ribbed, 10"x25", Burgundy Ea 8.0 26x10x10 776113512579
51-258-F Boat Fender, Ribbed, 10"x25", Green Ea 8.0 26x10x10 776113512586
51-259-F Boat Fender, Ribbed, 10"x25", Navy Blue Ea 8.0 26x10x10 776113512593