Rolling Wheels

Wheels are available in 18" or 24" diameters and up to 700 lb. capacity per wheel. These tough, rigid wheels offer stress, crack and impact resistance. They roll easily over virtually any terrain and will not rust on the axle. Use for roll-in docks or boat lifts. All wheels accept a 1-7/8" O.D. Axle. HD Wheel capacity exceeds 700 lb ea.
Part No. Description Unit Weight
Dimensions (in)
90-021-F Wheel, D&B, 18"x6", 1.98" Axle Shaft, RotoMold, LLDPE Ea 18x18x6 057389900216
90-024-F Wheel, D&B, 24"x8", 1.98" Axle Shaft, RotoMold, LLDPE Ea 9.5 24x24x8 057389900247
90-026-F Wheel, D&B, 24"x8", 1.98" AxleShaft, RotoMold, LLDPE, Foam Ea 13.0 24x24x8 057389900261
90-028-F Wheel, HD, D&B, 24", 1.98" AxleShaft, RotoMold, LLDPE Ea 11.5 24x24x8 057389900285