Starlite Solar Capacitor Series

The Starlite Capacitor Series of solar lighting is for those with distinguishing tastes in design, durability and function. Not only are these unique and advanced solar lights built to provide a long and useful life, they actually seem to put out more light than they take in during the charging process. A capacitor stores the energy created from exposure to the sun, as well as charges the rechargeable battery. On days when there is insufficient sunlight to charge the battery, the capacitor re-energizes the battery with what it has held in safe keeping so you never have to go without light at night just because there wasn't enough during the day.

Warranted for 5 Years, DockEdge+ is pleased to introduce the Starlite capacitor series and is confident you'll be as pleased with their performance as we are.

Starlite solar series models 108, 120 and 125 are visible up to 1/2 mile or 800m.

Part No. Description Unit Weight
Dimensions (in)
96-306-F Starlite Model 108 Ea 0.7 5.5x4.75x1.5 776113963067
96-307-F Starlite Model 120 Ea 1 5.75x5x1 776113963074
96-308-F Starlite Model 125 Ea 0.9 5.25x5x1.25 776113963081