Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where do I buy Dock Edge + Inc. products?

As the manufacturer, we do not sell retail. You can source our products through some of the following Retailers on their websites.

Our products are also available through local dealers and hardware retailers. To inquire about a local dealer, and any other online catalogue retailers, send an email request to: .

Q. How do I purchase a replacement part?

You can receive information where to purchase all replacement parts by contacting our customer support email address at .

Q. With the various types and styles of dock bumper, how do I select the appropriate product for my application?

Your first consideration is to take into account the size of the vessel and the freeboard height of the dock. Traditionally, for larger vessels, the Premium PVC should be used because they have a unique air cushion design that traps air, ensuring maximum protection. The Standard PVC profiles are the most versatile and durable, usually used when mooring small runabouts, fishing vessels and smaller cuddy and cabin boats. Economy PVC should be used with docks that have low freeboards and are commonly installed on docks in low traffic areas. The style of bumper is determined by the height of the dock in comparison to the vessel. On docks where the vessel deck is above the top of the dock, a top mount profile should be used. Maximum protection can be obtained by installing profiles (without a top lip) vertically every 2-3 feet apart.

For more information on dock bumper installation please visit our manuals feature under the support menu or contact our customer care team at 1-800-295-3625.

Q. Do I need to inflate my boat fender?

Under normal circumstances, you do not need to inflate the fender. The fender should only be inflated if under light pressure it compresses more than 2 inches. Extreme caution should be taken when inflating to ensure the valve is not damaged. Always moisten the needle and insert the needle straight.

Damage to the valve during inflation will void the warranty. Please visit our fender inflation guide under the support section for inflation guidelines.

Q. How do I clean my PVC edging and vinyl products?

The PVC edging can be cleaned using any mineral spirits. Using cleaners such as Armour All or different types of furniture polish will eliminate most stains. Armour All is the most effective way to clean and bring back the shine on the vinyl fenders and spot protection items.

Q. I am building a dock, how do I determine how much floatation I require, and which hardware components are necessary?

The equation used by commercial dock builders is square footage x 25 (lbs per square foot) divided by the floatation capacity of the floats. Hardware placement is determined by the size and style of the dock. We offer a hardware placement guide for several dock configurations. For a free download of this guide visit our support section on this website.

Q. What is the difference between a 30" commercial lifering and a S.O.L.A.S. lifering?

Both liferings are approved by the United States Coast Guard. The S.O.L.A.S. lifering is manufactured to conform to the S.O.L.A.S. international convention with an added specification of having reflective tape, while the commercial lifering only meets United States Coast Guard regulations. Both rings are approved by the United States Coast Guard, however, most offshore uses, require a S.O.L.A.S. life ring.

Q. Can I extend the length of my dock ladder?

There are one step and two step extensions kits available for the stainless steel and galvalume ladders.