July 7, 2020


Warning for Possible Ladder Defect


CMP Group Ltd. is notifying you of a possible defective ladder tread on the Dock Edge ladder models DE2053F, DE2054F, DE2055F, DE2043F, DE2044F and DE2045F. The potential defect is related to a sharp edge that might be found on the outside edge of the ladder step tread. If the ladder is not assembled correctly, and/or tightened properly, the edge of the ladder tread may be exposed. This edge maybe sharp or expose a burr in the metal, thus resulting in a potential cutting hazard for anyone using the ladder.

We have undertaken corrective action in our manufacturing process to implement a new procedure to eliminate any sharp edges. As such all new and future production for the noted ladders will include this process, and thus ensuring that this potential hazard will no longer occur.

We kindly ask that you quarantine any existing inventory of the noted ladders. We will replace your existing inventory with new ladders, or provide you with a credit on account once the ladders are returned to our warehouse. Should you have any questions please contact our customer service department at or your CMP sales representative.

Assuring you of our continued ongoing commitment to safety and quality products.


Yours Sincerely,

Don Hambly


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