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The answer to every boater's docking problems. It may be mounted horizontally or on vertical dock corners and pilings. The unique design also functions as a handy grab rail when docking and is perfect for Bass and Ski boats where the gunwale overhangs the dock and requires top protection. This exceptionally strong profile is further reinforced by two internal supports. like all DockEdge+ profiles, it is constructed of marine grade flexible PVC, developed not to chip or crack under normal usage. Unaffected by oil, gas or salt water. UV and fungus inhibitors prevent fading, yellowing, deterioration from sunlight and unsightly blotching.

Available in white only

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Part No. Description
DE1050F White Corner Edge Profile, 48 ft. (6 x 8′ lengths) ‡
DE1040F White Corner Edge Profile, 16 ft. (2 x 8′ lengths) ‡

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