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TThe DockEdge+ Dock 2 Go Modular Dock Kit includes all heavy-duty hot-dip galvanized mounting hardware required to assemble a modular floating dock section*. Each kit may be utilized to construct a stand-alone dock or may be attached to another Dock 2 Go section using a Dock 2 Go modular connector kit to increase dock length or width as required.

* Lumber and anchorage sold separately to allow for consumer preferences or requirements. Fasteners and floats may also be sold separately depending on the kit. See the table below for what is included with the kit.

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Part No. Description
DE85272F Dock2Go, 6’x12′ Floating Kit
DE85300F Dock2Go+, 6’x12′ Floating Kit with four 550 Floats
DE85330F Dock2Go+, 6’x16′ Floating Kit with six 400 Floats, float and hardware fasteners
DE85332F Dock2Go+, 8’x16′ Floating Kit with eight 400 Floats, float and hardware fasteners
DE85336F Dock2Go+, 4’x20′ Floating Kit with five 400 Floats, float and hardware fasteners

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